Sunday, 12 February 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Its amazing on with just a short amount of time they got to finish the sequel of the story of one of the biggest RPG games in history. To start, the game itself has a storyline that contradict with Albert Einstein theory of time travel, For him, he stated that "If You Disrupt Or Change Anything In The Past The Present Will Be Different". But in one of the scene in Final Fantasy XIII-2 Yeul an ancient Seeress in the game and I Quote she said "If You Change The Future The Past Will Change As Well". As I see it this is one weak spot of the story line of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Putting this weak spot of the story aside, the game start's between a fight which involves Caius and Lightning, now Caius is walking in the swallow side of the beach and carrying the dead body of Yeul, as Yeul vanishes to Caius hand, all hell broke loose. At the midst of the chaos down came the time traveller named Noel who shows up in front of Lightning and he addresses Lightning as one of the Goddess of Valhalla, apparently Noel is acquainted or more to put it knows something about Cauis. As the fighting continued Lightning got herself in a jam and so she sends Noel out of the realm with a gift which Lightning ask him to give it to her sister. Because Lightning got herself in a tight spot to the point she died in the final act of the prologue. The whole adventure falls upon to Sarah the younger sister of Lightning, so as Noel arrive to where Sarah is he ask her to help him save Lightning. As all of you may now guess time travel involve a huge role in this series because in order to save Lightning from her demise Sarah must change the Paradox that is happening around the time stream of history and correct it to change the future and save lives in the process. Also to find out who is behind in this all and stop the chaos that is doing in the time line.

The Verdict:


This sequel amazingly made more improve than the first Final Fantasy XIII, a lot of new and easy to understand mini events and games are added, a new command is added as well, were you can now free jump unlike before you can only jump if you step in a blue marker which is, in my view is "redungcules"  levelling is also a bit improve the experience rates are really equal there's no more over powering monster that is scattered through out the entire world instead they added a new feature the time wait gauge before starting a fight which in this case instead you find the monster the monster will come to you, this is really a good idea to make the decision for the player whether to run away, or to fight back and retreat or to have a good old fashion annihilate all. Before the monster are all over the field and if a strong and more powerful monster catches you off guard your done for. With that said huge huge improvement was made to the gameplay. - 8.0


Sounds and the musics have its ups and Downs within the gameplay, it depends on the location and area were you character at, there was one particular music that I found a bit unpleasant, it was the "Mutant Chocobo Ride" the music is somewhat rock and the lyrics made no sense at all. But the whole game depicts mostly in Classical, Love Songs and Pop or Pop rock musics. - 7.8


As to all the Final Fantasy when it comes to graphics they all make it the very best from the rest. As to Final Fantasy XIII-2, it goes without saying they done an excellent job in keeping everything to a surreal experience, the environment and surrounding are really well done to the point it gives you an expression that your like looking in a real world environment. As to goes with the people in it. - 9.0

Lasting Appeal:

In the sequel of this game a number of character are literary no more to be played for this character became supporting cast of the series because Lightning isn't the main cast of the sequel Sarah and Noel now are the main character of the game, In other words the star of the show in Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Sarah not Lightning and the other character that was in the "Final Fantasy XIII". So to conclude for all those Lightning fans out there you might be disappointed for the most of the entirety of the game the control's goes to Sarah and the new character in the series and her new friend Noel. As for when the whole game itself becomes boring its all depends on the player if he/she doesn't enjoy treasure hunt, puzzles or NPC request, they might do a head start the game from start to finish the whole story without bothering to complete the sub quest's that is within the game. - 8.2


It is a enjoyable game and buying it for a worth of $59 -$79 even though its expensive, it will still be worth it for the game is quite long to complete and for those who love long hours of RPG gameplay its addictive and may come to your liking....- 8.9/10

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

White Knight Chronicles II

The White Knight Chronicle 2 made a huge comeback after its huge setback on its first release of the White Knight Chronicles 1 they made the game more indeed a bit more a fast based action RPG than before. As for the game item design though, I must admit almost half of the new items i see and used are mostly recoloured and redesign or recycled design, sadly to say it was a bit of a disappointment that this items didn't put much work into it. What they did do is put some new items instead, I guess its to compensate with the old items that they recycled. Another disapointment was one of there build was a twin blade which can only be unlock via shortsword build they didn't even think Katana build can wield dual sword the other sword can be extra leverage in critical situation for Katana users, but sad to say only shortsword builds can wield a two blades for use. The game did have some new feature they put in so as to where you want to begin the game its advisable to start the game right from the very start as in to the very chapter one so that on the first half of the story you can complete some of the newly added feature like monster hunts, and errands because if you don't you will be very busy in completed this subquest instead of just focusing in the main story in the second part of the game but anyway its your decision to where you want to start your game. The perks of starting in the very beginning is that in the time you finish the 1st half of the story the only problem you will be dealing with is leveling and letting the new knight of Yulie hunt her equipment. Also right off the bat you can start with even higher level not just in level 35 but more higher depends on where you left off in the 1st half of the game you just completed. Also unlike before in White Knight Chronicles 1 in this newly revised White Knight Chronicle 2 level is important. as before you just need to hit level 50 and worry about your guild leveling in the entire online experience. The other new feature in which I'm really fund on is letting Leonard and the other join you in the online quest via going to the world map and choosing the solo mode in which there they are at your disposal. But it was a shame that in the solo mission or even in the story mode your Ai teammates still can't manage on their own you still need to have a constant watchful eye not to let everyone get killed, in short they never did made the Ai teammates smarter they are still dumb as ever. They made a bit of variety on to how to get your equipment via binding the equipment you want or Buying it in a Dulha point system. in binding you hunt for the items needed to bind your certain equipment, and in Dulha you need to complete quests to have a point and use it to buy your equipment you want. Also the most anticipated feature of huge change in the game is having your avatar use a knight. Its a very big change for having this kind of feature, really makes this game more unique for you can do quest with the use of your knight and in online quest makes every battle with an epic end with the use of this equipment called knights or they call it incorruptus. Even though some quest don't allow knights its still pretty awesome that for the quest that allows knight but not everything is so glamorous if we talk about leveling its still a bit of a nightmare you still need to put an extreme like doing this one particular quest over and over again to achieve the level you desire. Overall the game did made a huge improvement its more fun to play and its not slow phased as before. 8.7 / 10. Almost forgot to mention if there is a part three of this game I'll see and look if I have time to make a review on when part three comes out.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Sims 3 Generation (Review)

As far the game goes in term on the quality, game play its a game you will like but to the fact that the bug issue and other error codes are not given a complete and very certified solution this really hurt your gameplay experience for a number of reason. Also fixing this bug is a hustle and sometimes can be a waste for some have no solution at all.

You can sometimes escape the problem by just dropping all your CC(custom content) and play with the default item that the game has to offer but of course you will lose all your downloaded item unless you have a backup. After the Late Night series I was expecting for the Generation to be less buggy but in turns out to be the other way around, and its not in a good way because of all this mess not being fix it really effects the game in one bug this error 12, 13, and 16. it really a mess in tern of fixing it you need to download some stuff to make the problem go away, and by missing a step in the instruction it could cause your computer to have a virus instead, so I guess the saying goes to download at your own risk.

The Verdict:

Sound & Music - As always this game is best when it comes to all genre of music and the sound when you  play the game is pretty entertaining to hear.8.0

Gameplay - Because of the error codes and other bug issue you will experience during gameplay or even unsavable data it might get frustrating from time to time 5.9

Graphics - In order for some of the error to be avoided you need to lower your graphics in which to play smoothly without any lag or error. Even so some graphic settings can still be put in high, it all depends on your computer you use I guess. 7.6

Lasting Appeal  - Because of the game issues of some bugs isn't fix or hasn't found any solution yet. It destroy the experience of playing the game. So as far to playing this for a long time I find it not possible it will again depends on the gamer if they have the will power and patience for the bugs to be fixed someday. Because I can't see anyone playing a game in which he/she will encounter problems that again you need to download some sofeware to fix and some bugs and errors are, I will say it again unsolved. 7.4

Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Sims Medieval (Review)

If your the type of gamer who is looking for a action packed and bloody battle of an RPG game you might end up not liking this game for the reason all of the fight scene is like two children fighting with a wooden sword and seeing who will win over a piece of candy, to me that what it's look like. You also can't travel outside of your kingdom.. Sure you can travel by foot or a ship, but you won't see any landscape, or seascape outside your kingdom there will be just a pop-up window that tells what is your sim doing outside your kingdom or on another country kinda like a story book telling the story. For what the most part this game will not be enjoyed by everyone, it really doesn't focus on RPG that much, the only RPG genre that I can see here is that changing the lifewish into a quest wish. It is where you perform task and complete it to make your sims happy and also the achievement book in were you will find in the main menu of the game. Like the main sims game it still focuses mainly with "playing with life" so if your looking for an RPG with bloods and spills and something involving epic war battles, you might considering not to buy this one for there are no blood or even action pack drama in the Sims Medieval.well mostly has funny antics and troubles for your sims to handle and finish which is a quest wish. But I will give it to the gamers for they really made this game more human like than the other sims games. For they made the skins and facial features a 100% like human even the eyes really make it more human like looks, and whats more impressive is you can create your very own elf. But for some reason the game computer doesn't create elf at all not even a single country has an elf only you have the the choice if you what to make your sims look like an elf or not. If your are looking for the typical peasant life with this game you won't be able to do it because the game only let's you control hero sims not your typical sims who lives in a small house somewhere in the village. The hero sims are the one's you can control, complete a quest and making them happy if they finish a quest. Lastly we talk about death your sims don't actually grow old the only way for your sims to die is if they are killed in a so called battle with another sims or been eaten by a monster in the judgment area and yes its still inside your kingdom not outside. If ever their is a patchup somewhere in the near future they should really fix the "hero sims is the only sim that is controllable", for sometimes a peasant life should also be played by everyone. As for the game stands:

graphics- the sims and landscape of your kingdom really was well made so much so they almost look like real people. 9.0

gameplay- It is easy and very simple to use even a 10 year old can play it, so for the genre that tells it can only be played by teen it was a bit exaggerated. 8.0

Sound&Music- All the sim games I play all the sound and music are amazing. In this version of the sims they made a whole different language that is really amazing to hear, as also the music you will really feel like your in their world. 9.0

Lasting Appeal- I will all depends on the gamer if they really enjoy playing with life or just want to see a medieval sim suffer they might enjoy this almost to a point doesn't want to quit. 8.0

Overall Verdict- It is yes a very addictive game if you find it to your liking that is, But as for some they just gonna play this from time to time for one reason and one reason only. Its like playing the main sims but your sims has royalty wardrobe to wear. and a less decency in taking a leak. If there a pot somewhere in the house or castle you go and do your thing in front of other sims in which I really find it very funny. Oh I forgot to mention there is less build design gameplay you will be doing in the Sims Medieval, you won't be able to rearrange your castle walls and stuff like that. You can only arrange are the things inside your house or castle or buy some new stuff to rearranges. In the end you will find this game a bit mediocre. 7.9

Friday, 20 May 2011

The Sims Late Night

Sorry to inform that I won't be able to do a basic game guide, somehow every of my game data and backup file crash due to some of the virus that affected my computer.

To start up this expansion really does give off a lot of new feature it even gives a new feel to the game play say with the other expansion but for this one really takes the cake because they give a new type of profession you can take. The new vampire. You also have a wider selection when it comes to music you can even form a band and a new way to relax by going in a jacuzzi. Well so far this are the good things, what this expansion lack's is some action for me I was expecting like a twilight kind of theme, just like in the adventure expansion were you can fight by using martial arts skill but here their main focus is the night life there's no action or what so ever. The only thrill I can find with this is how the vampires run and the way the Mixologist do their job.
By the way this two images are the only two picture I could salvage with all my lost file.

Also if you love the taste of city life and want to try and manage a whole city for yourself, you might want to try the Late Night Expansion for it will bring a new feel in playing doll house. For The Sims 3 this is the only expansion that will let you manage a whole city instead of a town.

As for the verdict- As far as it goes there are still some changes that they could have done but as of it stands its still not that perfect as you would expect especially with some minor bug issue that can be found in the game and yes sometimes it can ruin the feel of the game play because of this bug issue.
As it stands:
Sound&Music- is in the excellent level it still has the feel of the old Sims. 8.9
Gameplay- its so easy to use anyone can play this game but there is just the concern of the minor bug issue that put down the game a bit. 7.9
Graphic- Since the Sims 1 the Sims 3 really step up to the plate but as far as the Late Night expansion special effects goes its in the mideocre. 8.5
Story- The unique thing with Sim is you are the one who will tell the story you will create your own beginning and end. 8.8
Overall- This expansion pack really give something new as far as I'm concern this is one is the best expansion that the Sims has to offer for the year 2010. 8.9
Lasting Appeal-If your the type of playing a simple control, or even playing house you are sure to enjoy this game with hours and hours of controling your sim with the new features that this expansion has to offer. 9.0

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

White Knight Chronicles (International Edition) A Game For MMORPG Fans...

This game is one of those games that has minor flaws in its battle system and in its graphics. For example, no matter how far you are from the enemy you cannot really avoid being hit. This is because the game play depends on the numeral level you are in. If your agility or evasion rate is high enough then that may prevent you from being hit regardless of your distance from the enemy. The graphics of this game is excellent, however, the game play battle system looks unrealistic. I would say this game is a cross between previous games like Ragnarok, Rogue Galaxy for the game play and Kingdom Hearts for the graphics.

As in Ragnarok, the battle is all dependent on the numeric status you earn. In fact your enemy will miss if your evasion rate is high, so if you go in battle mode every action you take will depend on your status. There’s no physics involved, which makes it unrealistic at times. There are path of weapon or magical specialist you can level up as you progresses in your training to whatever kind of build you want to take.

In the battle mode, your action is controlled by the ring timer called the action gauge, which is almost the same feature in Rogue Galaxy. As for the graphics, there is a sense of realism but the only problem with it is the lip sync isn’t that perfect.

One thing I like about this game is the geonet system, which is a good idea. With this you can form a party with friends, have a chat with anyone who came to visit, or you can visit their town and socialize or party. Another feature that I like is the option to create your own town, which is pretty cool. Its like creating “SimCity middle ages styles”.

Overall, this game may not be perfect but its still one of the game you’ll enjoy because of the socialising, you can even do an all nighter. Furthermore, after your first walkthrough is finished, you can actually get rare items at your second walkthrough. I love this setup about the game because it can still make you pretty busy even after you finish the first walkthrough. You can get to keep your equipment and levels on your second walkthrough and do more new hunts on the second. One last thing, I will not tell the story of the game, but the entire theme is mostly focused on one person and its not your character.

Gameplay: 7.6

I must admit, the battle system took away some sense of realism in the game play this is why the score is a bit low, only for this reason alone. I think the only way for this to improve is for the developers to do an online download patchup to which players can install a new and realistic game play.

Graphics: 8.0

Excellent graphics, the developers really maximized the use of the blue ray, the only concern is the lip sync isn’t coordinated and some of the character creation colour skin makes it look a bit like a cartoon.

Sound & Music : 7.8

The music is closely based on medieval era but at times the battle music and the background music is redundant.

Lasting Appeal: 8.0

Fans of MMORPG games will enjoy this game. If your not the social type of person it might not appeal to you.

Overall verdict: The game play is just not perfect and some player are just playing jackass, it took away the fun of the experience away. But again this is an mmorpg so that would be expected so its. 7.7

additional note: This review will continue on the late summer of 2011 After they release the WKC 2 in Canada.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Mugi's Villa Almost finished...

The Pictures of the exterior and interior...

This is both Villa's in the rear view

                                                          Interior of the second Villa.
 Music room of the first house.
                                                                Front view of both Villa's of                                                             Mugi