Wednesday, 13 April 2011

White Knight Chronicles (International Edition) A Game For MMORPG Fans...

This game is one of those games that has minor flaws in its battle system and in its graphics. For example, no matter how far you are from the enemy you cannot really avoid being hit. This is because the game play depends on the numeral level you are in. If your agility or evasion rate is high enough then that may prevent you from being hit regardless of your distance from the enemy. The graphics of this game is excellent, however, the game play battle system looks unrealistic. I would say this game is a cross between previous games like Ragnarok, Rogue Galaxy for the game play and Kingdom Hearts for the graphics.

As in Ragnarok, the battle is all dependent on the numeric status you earn. In fact your enemy will miss if your evasion rate is high, so if you go in battle mode every action you take will depend on your status. There’s no physics involved, which makes it unrealistic at times. There are path of weapon or magical specialist you can level up as you progresses in your training to whatever kind of build you want to take.

In the battle mode, your action is controlled by the ring timer called the action gauge, which is almost the same feature in Rogue Galaxy. As for the graphics, there is a sense of realism but the only problem with it is the lip sync isn’t that perfect.

One thing I like about this game is the geonet system, which is a good idea. With this you can form a party with friends, have a chat with anyone who came to visit, or you can visit their town and socialize or party. Another feature that I like is the option to create your own town, which is pretty cool. Its like creating “SimCity middle ages styles”.

Overall, this game may not be perfect but its still one of the game you’ll enjoy because of the socialising, you can even do an all nighter. Furthermore, after your first walkthrough is finished, you can actually get rare items at your second walkthrough. I love this setup about the game because it can still make you pretty busy even after you finish the first walkthrough. You can get to keep your equipment and levels on your second walkthrough and do more new hunts on the second. One last thing, I will not tell the story of the game, but the entire theme is mostly focused on one person and its not your character.

Gameplay: 7.6

I must admit, the battle system took away some sense of realism in the game play this is why the score is a bit low, only for this reason alone. I think the only way for this to improve is for the developers to do an online download patchup to which players can install a new and realistic game play.

Graphics: 8.0

Excellent graphics, the developers really maximized the use of the blue ray, the only concern is the lip sync isn’t coordinated and some of the character creation colour skin makes it look a bit like a cartoon.

Sound & Music : 7.8

The music is closely based on medieval era but at times the battle music and the background music is redundant.

Lasting Appeal: 8.0

Fans of MMORPG games will enjoy this game. If your not the social type of person it might not appeal to you.

Overall verdict: The game play is just not perfect and some player are just playing jackass, it took away the fun of the experience away. But again this is an mmorpg so that would be expected so its. 7.7

additional note: This review will continue on the late summer of 2011 After they release the WKC 2 in Canada.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Mugi's Villa Almost finished...

The Pictures of the exterior and interior...

This is both Villa's in the rear view

                                                          Interior of the second Villa.
 Music room of the first house.
                                                                Front view of both Villa's of                                                             Mugi

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sechiniski Household

His one of the Sechiniski family member his name is Tillimante...^^

K-ON Mugi's Villa second house.  its a working progress, to see more creation go to the  link bellow,

Note: In order to use the creation you must install Sims 3 first.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Making Progress (Sims 3 House)

I'm Finally almost done with the houses I got the three major scene done of the first Mugi Villa done, now I'm off to go and try to finish the second mansion of Mugi.

Some photo taken from  the progress made:

 You can watch the K-On anime episode four to have a look at the reference to were I got the Idea and look of the house.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Sims 3...Ambition Expansion Pack

Hi guys its time to talk about and give the basics on how to play the game with the new expansion pack of the sim 3.

 As you can see here after I got back from China I started off with a very run down small house.

 their aren't much to see, the house is a bit messy there not even a garden on the back lot.
Even the inside is a sad place to stay in, well this is how we start of with just a limited amount of funds in the beginning of the game.

This has a connection with the ambition expansion pack for the game you get to choose a job and work on the field at the same time in the promotions you get the bigger the money you can attain.

for my job I chosen one of the basic job on the sims. ever taken its been in the Sims 1 and 2, its the Medical career field.

I never did noticed that but for every time I go to work my sim is always in a hurry, by the way don't mind the Ferrari on the background that one belongs to her neighbor next door. Anyway going back further more I'll not explain the medical career track in detail nor the positions they hold for every promotion on the job. But not to worry I will send a link about all of that on the bottom of this blog. For this time I will just explain the basic run down on all what to expect in some of the new feathur in the game.

This is a on the field assignment by the hospital, she went to a building to check up on a certain patient.

 My sims patient arrived late so she had to wait for 30 mins sim time before the patient arrived and got her checkup.

 As you can see from the photo's above she located the patient and had her checkup done. This is one of the new feature I was talking about in the ambition expansion.Tons of field work to where you have to make and control your sim to do his or her job to succed with out any problem.

  As you see in the photo's she is heading to some of the request given to her by the neighborhood,on the picture on the left the request was to convince the man my sim is talking to to stop overdoozing his intake on the medical suplies. Also the photo on the bottom tells that she is heading to some local business around town on the safety of their produced by having a DNA analysis on the items they are selling.

Their is also one job about having to teach health classes to certain huge business establishments around town. It pops up randomly on you work day hours, even when your in break time.I can't show any photos because for my computer can't show the job request tabs on the screen shots I took so sorry about this.

 Here I'm on a party with one of my friends around town, well as time goes by someone upstairs felt sick.

 So as any good doctor would do I went to that sick person so I had to cut my party time short.

As shown on the images on the left the patient had to have an extended treatment to make her feel better.

I'm pointing out is this is alsoone of those days you hate for you have to miss a very good friend's party because a sick person needed your help.

This is also one request from a certain client in the hospital the job was to throw his friend a party to make his friend agree to some terms in the hospital, its those jobs where you have to do to earn a promotion. Again its a "on the field work" for the neighborhood. The photo above shows that the client is standing next to the dance floor, its the woman with a white long hair with a red sweat shirt.

This is how would I say, one of the funny bits of being a doctor I tried an experiment on those experimental medicine I got from the hospital and it failed dramatically. It was hilarious all the way to the end. For the reason my sim catches on fire and the way shes looking at in this photo is like a crazy person who is looking to dump some "number two's" on the toilet seat, But as for her shes OK I did the experiment at home and quickly put out the fire on the comfort room and if you guys still wondering whats "number two" is look inside your butt you'll find out.

 The pictures on the top and left corners are the things I bough after working tirelessly on the job as a doctor now my home is filled with new and useful stuff for my sim to use or enjoy. As for the new bike its another extension of the sims 3 called Fast Lane. this is just to clarify things for you guys to know where I bought those vehicle, this also include the Ferrari that her neighbor have earlier.

I got a bit bored with my profession so I cheated a little. What I did is I created this building on a vacant lot which in this case behind my house, anyway after I pressed the ctrl shift + C, typed the code testingcheatsenabled true. I then press shift + right click on that particular house then pops in the cheat "spawn job". I selected the free vaccine checkup then pops the job info on the upper right corner of the screen I selected perform job then a number of people came to that lot and went to have their checkup as the picture on the bottom shown.

Its funny to see and look at on how she goes and gives her checkup to her patients, she have as shown on the photos a portable x-ray machine, portable ultra sound and all the things that a doctor uses to give a patient their medicine.

 If you ask me she is actually checking his reflex muscle, but on the head this is a bit weird. shouldn't that be on the knee? Still its entertaining to watch them do this things to feel better or be cured.

 This particular cheat doesn't actually pay but it actually gives you the opportunity to help the people around town feel better that is to say cheating a bit. Again this cheat doesn't pay it just bring you closer to the towns people all over town.

That's it for the basics on what to expect on the ambition expansion pack to learn more about other jobs and such go to this link on the bottom  of the screen that you see here right now....

 Note: For those who are wondering about the profession Tattoo Artist, The Sims 3 actually didn't include it in the series you can have tattoo ingame, but its only a way to express or get close to other sims in the town. The profession is'nt available because they never include it from the start..
It was false advertising by the EA games company.
Next week we will go to the other expansion pack which is The Sims 3 Late Night...