Friday, 20 May 2011

The Sims Late Night

Sorry to inform that I won't be able to do a basic game guide, somehow every of my game data and backup file crash due to some of the virus that affected my computer.

To start up this expansion really does give off a lot of new feature it even gives a new feel to the game play say with the other expansion but for this one really takes the cake because they give a new type of profession you can take. The new vampire. You also have a wider selection when it comes to music you can even form a band and a new way to relax by going in a jacuzzi. Well so far this are the good things, what this expansion lack's is some action for me I was expecting like a twilight kind of theme, just like in the adventure expansion were you can fight by using martial arts skill but here their main focus is the night life there's no action or what so ever. The only thrill I can find with this is how the vampires run and the way the Mixologist do their job.
By the way this two images are the only two picture I could salvage with all my lost file.

Also if you love the taste of city life and want to try and manage a whole city for yourself, you might want to try the Late Night Expansion for it will bring a new feel in playing doll house. For The Sims 3 this is the only expansion that will let you manage a whole city instead of a town.

As for the verdict- As far as it goes there are still some changes that they could have done but as of it stands its still not that perfect as you would expect especially with some minor bug issue that can be found in the game and yes sometimes it can ruin the feel of the game play because of this bug issue.
As it stands:
Sound&Music- is in the excellent level it still has the feel of the old Sims. 8.9
Gameplay- its so easy to use anyone can play this game but there is just the concern of the minor bug issue that put down the game a bit. 7.9
Graphic- Since the Sims 1 the Sims 3 really step up to the plate but as far as the Late Night expansion special effects goes its in the mideocre. 8.5
Story- The unique thing with Sim is you are the one who will tell the story you will create your own beginning and end. 8.8
Overall- This expansion pack really give something new as far as I'm concern this is one is the best expansion that the Sims has to offer for the year 2010. 8.9
Lasting Appeal-If your the type of playing a simple control, or even playing house you are sure to enjoy this game with hours and hours of controling your sim with the new features that this expansion has to offer. 9.0

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