Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Sims Medieval (Review)

If your the type of gamer who is looking for a action packed and bloody battle of an RPG game you might end up not liking this game for the reason all of the fight scene is like two children fighting with a wooden sword and seeing who will win over a piece of candy, to me that what it's look like. You also can't travel outside of your kingdom.. Sure you can travel by foot or a ship, but you won't see any landscape, or seascape outside your kingdom there will be just a pop-up window that tells what is your sim doing outside your kingdom or on another country kinda like a story book telling the story. For what the most part this game will not be enjoyed by everyone, it really doesn't focus on RPG that much, the only RPG genre that I can see here is that changing the lifewish into a quest wish. It is where you perform task and complete it to make your sims happy and also the achievement book in were you will find in the main menu of the game. Like the main sims game it still focuses mainly with "playing with life" so if your looking for an RPG with bloods and spills and something involving epic war battles, you might considering not to buy this one for there are no blood or even action pack drama in the Sims Medieval.well mostly has funny antics and troubles for your sims to handle and finish which is a quest wish. But I will give it to the gamers for they really made this game more human like than the other sims games. For they made the skins and facial features a 100% like human even the eyes really make it more human like looks, and whats more impressive is you can create your very own elf. But for some reason the game computer doesn't create elf at all not even a single country has an elf only you have the the choice if you what to make your sims look like an elf or not. If your are looking for the typical peasant life with this game you won't be able to do it because the game only let's you control hero sims not your typical sims who lives in a small house somewhere in the village. The hero sims are the one's you can control, complete a quest and making them happy if they finish a quest. Lastly we talk about death your sims don't actually grow old the only way for your sims to die is if they are killed in a so called battle with another sims or been eaten by a monster in the judgment area and yes its still inside your kingdom not outside. If ever their is a patchup somewhere in the near future they should really fix the "hero sims is the only sim that is controllable", for sometimes a peasant life should also be played by everyone. As for the game stands:

graphics- the sims and landscape of your kingdom really was well made so much so they almost look like real people. 9.0

gameplay- It is easy and very simple to use even a 10 year old can play it, so for the genre that tells it can only be played by teen it was a bit exaggerated. 8.0

Sound&Music- All the sim games I play all the sound and music are amazing. In this version of the sims they made a whole different language that is really amazing to hear, as also the music you will really feel like your in their world. 9.0

Lasting Appeal- I will all depends on the gamer if they really enjoy playing with life or just want to see a medieval sim suffer they might enjoy this almost to a point doesn't want to quit. 8.0

Overall Verdict- It is yes a very addictive game if you find it to your liking that is, But as for some they just gonna play this from time to time for one reason and one reason only. Its like playing the main sims but your sims has royalty wardrobe to wear. and a less decency in taking a leak. If there a pot somewhere in the house or castle you go and do your thing in front of other sims in which I really find it very funny. Oh I forgot to mention there is less build design gameplay you will be doing in the Sims Medieval, you won't be able to rearrange your castle walls and stuff like that. You can only arrange are the things inside your house or castle or buy some new stuff to rearranges. In the end you will find this game a bit mediocre. 7.9

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