Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Sims 3 Generation (Review)

As far the game goes in term on the quality, game play its a game you will like but to the fact that the bug issue and other error codes are not given a complete and very certified solution this really hurt your gameplay experience for a number of reason. Also fixing this bug is a hustle and sometimes can be a waste for some have no solution at all.

You can sometimes escape the problem by just dropping all your CC(custom content) and play with the default item that the game has to offer but of course you will lose all your downloaded item unless you have a backup. After the Late Night series I was expecting for the Generation to be less buggy but in turns out to be the other way around, and its not in a good way because of all this mess not being fix it really effects the game in one bug this error 12, 13, and 16. it really a mess in tern of fixing it you need to download some stuff to make the problem go away, and by missing a step in the instruction it could cause your computer to have a virus instead, so I guess the saying goes to download at your own risk.

The Verdict:

Sound & Music - As always this game is best when it comes to all genre of music and the sound when you  play the game is pretty entertaining to hear.8.0

Gameplay - Because of the error codes and other bug issue you will experience during gameplay or even unsavable data it might get frustrating from time to time 5.9

Graphics - In order for some of the error to be avoided you need to lower your graphics in which to play smoothly without any lag or error. Even so some graphic settings can still be put in high, it all depends on your computer you use I guess. 7.6

Lasting Appeal  - Because of the game issues of some bugs isn't fix or hasn't found any solution yet. It destroy the experience of playing the game. So as far to playing this for a long time I find it not possible it will again depends on the gamer if they have the will power and patience for the bugs to be fixed someday. Because I can't see anyone playing a game in which he/she will encounter problems that again you need to download some sofeware to fix and some bugs and errors are, I will say it again unsolved. 7.4

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