Tuesday, 4 October 2011

White Knight Chronicles II

The White Knight Chronicle 2 made a huge comeback after its huge setback on its first release of the White Knight Chronicles 1 they made the game more indeed a bit more a fast based action RPG than before. As for the game item design though, I must admit almost half of the new items i see and used are mostly recoloured and redesign or recycled design, sadly to say it was a bit of a disappointment that this items didn't put much work into it. What they did do is put some new items instead, I guess its to compensate with the old items that they recycled. Another disapointment was one of there build was a twin blade which can only be unlock via shortsword build they didn't even think Katana build can wield dual sword the other sword can be extra leverage in critical situation for Katana users, but sad to say only shortsword builds can wield a two blades for use. The game did have some new feature they put in so as to where you want to begin the game its advisable to start the game right from the very start as in to the very chapter one so that on the first half of the story you can complete some of the newly added feature like monster hunts, and errands because if you don't you will be very busy in completed this subquest instead of just focusing in the main story in the second part of the game but anyway its your decision to where you want to start your game. The perks of starting in the very beginning is that in the time you finish the 1st half of the story the only problem you will be dealing with is leveling and letting the new knight of Yulie hunt her equipment. Also right off the bat you can start with even higher level not just in level 35 but more higher depends on where you left off in the 1st half of the game you just completed. Also unlike before in White Knight Chronicles 1 in this newly revised White Knight Chronicle 2 level is important. as before you just need to hit level 50 and worry about your guild leveling in the entire online experience. The other new feature in which I'm really fund on is letting Leonard and the other join you in the online quest via going to the world map and choosing the solo mode in which there they are at your disposal. But it was a shame that in the solo mission or even in the story mode your Ai teammates still can't manage on their own you still need to have a constant watchful eye not to let everyone get killed, in short they never did made the Ai teammates smarter they are still dumb as ever. They made a bit of variety on to how to get your equipment via binding the equipment you want or Buying it in a Dulha point system. in binding you hunt for the items needed to bind your certain equipment, and in Dulha you need to complete quests to have a point and use it to buy your equipment you want. Also the most anticipated feature of huge change in the game is having your avatar use a knight. Its a very big change for having this kind of feature, really makes this game more unique for you can do quest with the use of your knight and in online quest makes every battle with an epic end with the use of this equipment called knights or they call it incorruptus. Even though some quest don't allow knights its still pretty awesome that for the quest that allows knight but not everything is so glamorous if we talk about leveling its still a bit of a nightmare you still need to put an extreme like doing this one particular quest over and over again to achieve the level you desire. Overall the game did made a huge improvement its more fun to play and its not slow phased as before. 8.7 / 10. Almost forgot to mention if there is a part three of this game I'll see and look if I have time to make a review on when part three comes out.

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