Sunday, 12 February 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Its amazing on with just a short amount of time they got to finish the sequel of the story of one of the biggest RPG games in history. To start, the game itself has a storyline that contradict with Albert Einstein theory of time travel, For him, he stated that "If You Disrupt Or Change Anything In The Past The Present Will Be Different". But in one of the scene in Final Fantasy XIII-2 Yeul an ancient Seeress in the game and I Quote she said "If You Change The Future The Past Will Change As Well". As I see it this is one weak spot of the story line of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Putting this weak spot of the story aside, the game start's between a fight which involves Caius and Lightning, now Caius is walking in the swallow side of the beach and carrying the dead body of Yeul, as Yeul vanishes to Caius hand, all hell broke loose. At the midst of the chaos down came the time traveller named Noel who shows up in front of Lightning and he addresses Lightning as one of the Goddess of Valhalla, apparently Noel is acquainted or more to put it knows something about Cauis. As the fighting continued Lightning got herself in a jam and so she sends Noel out of the realm with a gift which Lightning ask him to give it to her sister. Because Lightning got herself in a tight spot to the point she died in the final act of the prologue. The whole adventure falls upon to Sarah the younger sister of Lightning, so as Noel arrive to where Sarah is he ask her to help him save Lightning. As all of you may now guess time travel involve a huge role in this series because in order to save Lightning from her demise Sarah must change the Paradox that is happening around the time stream of history and correct it to change the future and save lives in the process. Also to find out who is behind in this all and stop the chaos that is doing in the time line.

The Verdict:


This sequel amazingly made more improve than the first Final Fantasy XIII, a lot of new and easy to understand mini events and games are added, a new command is added as well, were you can now free jump unlike before you can only jump if you step in a blue marker which is, in my view is "redungcules"  levelling is also a bit improve the experience rates are really equal there's no more over powering monster that is scattered through out the entire world instead they added a new feature the time wait gauge before starting a fight which in this case instead you find the monster the monster will come to you, this is really a good idea to make the decision for the player whether to run away, or to fight back and retreat or to have a good old fashion annihilate all. Before the monster are all over the field and if a strong and more powerful monster catches you off guard your done for. With that said huge huge improvement was made to the gameplay. - 8.0


Sounds and the musics have its ups and Downs within the gameplay, it depends on the location and area were you character at, there was one particular music that I found a bit unpleasant, it was the "Mutant Chocobo Ride" the music is somewhat rock and the lyrics made no sense at all. But the whole game depicts mostly in Classical, Love Songs and Pop or Pop rock musics. - 7.8


As to all the Final Fantasy when it comes to graphics they all make it the very best from the rest. As to Final Fantasy XIII-2, it goes without saying they done an excellent job in keeping everything to a surreal experience, the environment and surrounding are really well done to the point it gives you an expression that your like looking in a real world environment. As to goes with the people in it. - 9.0

Lasting Appeal:

In the sequel of this game a number of character are literary no more to be played for this character became supporting cast of the series because Lightning isn't the main cast of the sequel Sarah and Noel now are the main character of the game, In other words the star of the show in Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Sarah not Lightning and the other character that was in the "Final Fantasy XIII". So to conclude for all those Lightning fans out there you might be disappointed for the most of the entirety of the game the control's goes to Sarah and the new character in the series and her new friend Noel. As for when the whole game itself becomes boring its all depends on the player if he/she doesn't enjoy treasure hunt, puzzles or NPC request, they might do a head start the game from start to finish the whole story without bothering to complete the sub quest's that is within the game. - 8.2


It is a enjoyable game and buying it for a worth of $59 -$79 even though its expensive, it will still be worth it for the game is quite long to complete and for those who love long hours of RPG gameplay its addictive and may come to your liking....- 8.9/10

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