Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood The Game of Patient...

This game is pretty good in a sense it has tons of new feature that was added and for this game you can command brigade of assassin’s for when they are called. For the most part I was hoping they would get the time to modify the controller setting, because for the game the controller is hard to use you’ll need some practice to get used to as for me since I only use one hand, when I play my finger sometimes hurt or sore for the way the controller is set. To think by now they will let the player set the control’s to where they are comfortable with. So anyway when I got to play this game it was like playing the AC2 with some new command added, it was risky not to change anything but with the new commands and gadget involve it still works. I was in high hopes for them to make some changes in the map marker not to add only one marker in the map, but add multiple markers because since the map is way too big, I get to set the marker again and again after I get to that destination it was really annoying to go back and forth to the map screen. As the multiplayer goes I was hoping that I get to do the brotherhood assassin mission with a friend, but to a fact that most of the game for multiplayer is just plain all out rumble in time you might get bored. I think the only thing I enjoy doing in the multiplayer is the advance assassination, but for the most part I’m also getting tired of doing that mission as well and as I said for the way the control’s is set it hard to get round about. One more thing was the horse is set it’s a bit difficult to get by in tight area’s but thank god it’s easier when its open areas.

Graphics - As for this the design and graphics of the game is still at its fullest. 9.0

Music / Sound - For the most part everything is close to perfect. Good work on this one as well. 8.9

Lasting Appeal – Because of the added multiplayer you may enjoy this for a while, but beyond that there’s nothing new to added for the game. 8.5

Story – It’s a well based story and a long one, so all and all you’ll be engrossed in the adventure of the assassin Ezio Auditore. 8.9

Gameplay – The Controllers is hard for some of the acrobatic moves that you need to perform to escape the pursuers that are after you. But for all and all it’s just hard to use. 7.9

Overall: 8.3

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