Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Valkyria Chronicles Game thats all about war

The “Valkyria Chronicles” at first I was too hesitant to buy it for the reason a Friend of mine told me it was like playing the game XIII(13) so I was thinking “hm... I guess this game might be not that original after all“. But I just gone and buy it anyways, to a surprise the game had a mix and mash of different game-play of “Eternal Sonata” and yes it had a almost similar look to “XIII13” as my friend told me but also it has the similar strategy game play of a command and battle of a 3rd person shoot out in the game I played in a very classic game I played in the playstation 1, “Battle Station“. But the presentation of the game as a book for you to discover and unlock skirmish missions and there is also a headquarters tab in which here you can upgrade weapons recruit unit’s the units alone has there own special abilities leveling your unit has this unique system that they done level up one character but they level up by class there are five foot soldiers and two tank commander character’s to level up with each has there special and unique abilities with them. By the way for some of the new weapons to be obtain you must kill an enemy ace for that weapons to be used, to that you can only find by killing that certain soldier in a few chapters in the game it is like a treasure hunting wherein each chapter will provide rewards based on the level of achievement and experience you gain.

For the game play on the other hand, leveling up isn’t that half bad and the controls are not that hard to use. I know because my right side of my body is spastic so I only use one hand in my everyday lifestyle. For the most part I like about this game is there mixture of water color style experience you’ll have once you start the story, it’s a unique style that they will offer to the gamers who will play this game from start to end. Now as for the story line I would say the anime and the game had made some few changes, also for me for the anime story, I more prefer the game story than the anime one for the reasons the anime isn’t that very child friendly series unlike the game story it’s a little bit soft when it comes to the drama scenes in a sense it gives you a bit of relief after every challenges you faced.

Compared with the game, the story of the anime is much more brutal, There was one scene in where they showed a guy laying dead on the ground with a few splatter of blood in his body and his eyes was open, after I saw this I felt horrible his not even an adult yet his just a child, I think he’s name was Vyse Inglebard because he was the guy who has an eye patch on his right eye. For this terms I say Valkyria Chronicles is indeed more enjoyable game and the story isn’t that half bad due to its few changes. Oh I almost forgot about mentioning about the plot and the good and bad of every skirmish game in Valkyria Chronicles, its nice that the targeting system is a good when you miss in a fifty meter radius but when you fire some guy in a very close range and didn’t killed it, I have to say that was a little funny and to the fact it was an head shot. I laugh so hard it was just way bad that I have to admit the targeting system needs a little fixing. As for the plot all of the skirmishes, expect the skirmish game to be “Retake the Empire Took Again From Us” or capture the flag game you’ll be playing. For me this isn’t half bad either but for other player out their going through to repeat every mission they start and finish earlier in the main story they'll find it rather repetitive even though the amount of experience point they give is manageable they still disagree. So I say to them, oh well. Also as for the part of if your comrades die and in three turns you didn’t ask for a medic they are dead for good. This challenge gives the gamer a sense of “I need to be careful out there and no one must die” kind of way, to that I enjoy it because this plot sticks to the story of the anime in which Welkin was careful with his men and in the end no one died, well only in his squad anyways the others weren’t so lucky. One more thing though I was a bit disappointed about the Valkyrian fight, oh how I wish the game developers made a special game scene in were the player can control Alicia and brawl it out in the battle field just like what happened in the anime series instead of a movie clip.
And further more about the final battle with Maxillian since everyone has their own like and dislike about it I’ll just leave it at that. For the up coming Valkyria Chronicles two, someone please tell the game developers to put it in also in the ps3 for me to play and do a review on it as well for I really can’t play psp it’s hard for me to control for I only use one hand for the matter.

Overall: 8.9

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