Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Bayonetta has a stunning effect and has a great graphic models and design, but the thing is its like playing “Devil May Cry” all over again especially with the boss battle its like a girl version of it. Still there is the great ecchiness theme that what makes this game stand out with other games out there. As far as the story telling goes the game has a great and realistic movie scene and for the cut scene your like reading a picture story book but the words are being spoken by the character instead of you reading it. Anyways one more bonus to this game is the online scoring system in which you can compete with friends with the score you gain for every level you finish and earn those trophy for the gold. Their also new mini games like in some of the chapter you unravel while you play. Although there is a tiny little problem with the difficulty level if your one of the guys who plays for the score and you have epilepsy I suggest not to buy this one save your money for something else, because the hard level or even the normal level can trigger your seizure so be careful when playing this game, but on the contrary to that if your just in for the story and the just to pass the time take the time and play in easy or very easy mode. In this mode its not so heavy with the player and it won’t be stressful as the higher level would be. I finished the game with the time of 52 hours that’s 2 days and 4 hours the ending was fantastic and funny. The best part of this game is you can preset your game play, this means all of your equipment can be carried out on your new chapter that you are about to play or you can select any chapter you want to play in the main menu. Lastly as for the sound you can expect a gangster theme all the way to the end and for the music its like a classical jazz and jam which makes the game come to place.

Gameplay: 8.6
Graphics: 9.3
Story : 9.0
Sound &
Music : 8.7

Overall: 8.5

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