Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Atelier Rorona A JRPG that will make you laugh ...

The game play is very simply and nothing fancy or anything really it will make you take some pressure on your part from the assignment and quest that the game entails but to the end if succeeds its rewarding for most part. As the game progresses new characters can join the fray on your job hunting quest. All in it its quite entertaining giving the fact of the ridiculously cartoony fights even though you win nor lose... well not much in losing because you’ll start again from when you last saved the game. For the other elements of this JRPG everything is fine the scenery is well done and the game play is simply and easy to use, the only thing I was disappointed in is the main character's image Rorona look's like a combined image that some other RPG I used to play I won't say the title of the game though because I really don't need to.

Anyway all in all this is a JRPG you wanna try just for the fun game play of it in a the stressful day in school or at work how ever old you are that is to say.

Game play: Its so easy to play and has a ridiculously comical moment for every battle. 7.8

Graphic: As for the graphics they made full use of the blue ray of the PS3 so thumbs up to all no question asked. 8.9

Sound/Music: The sound effect what makes the game has its funny moments for some of the sound is what you can really only hear in a cartoon. As on the other hand the music was a bit of a letdown for some don't really match the moments in in the movie scene, the time and place the music was a bit off. 6.4

Lasting Appeal: For the least part of it all you'll be enjoying item collecting for the reason you'll need it later on, and the fun of it really is collecting and figuring out how much you need for all is the enjoyment of it because your an alchemist and that's what your jobs is to collect and create simply as that. Also the easy monster battle on the sideline what makes it fun hehe. 8.0

Overall: 8.4

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