Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Eternal Sonata Unique simple as that--

The story of the game is indeed you can describe one of the unique RPG games out their. The battle system is what you can say "hard to master" but has a sense of humor and fun and challenge to it, true it can be sometimes a pain to level up but once you make your party sturdy and manageable you can feel the sense of relief and satisfaction of the game play. As for the story I felt a sense of depression when I first saw the "Introductional cut scene" seeing Chopin sleeping in his deathbed slowly dieing it just didn't feel right. Also what worse he had an attack of his seizure before going through that state, it just reminded me of my own sickness as well but to all that I found the story of Eternal Sonata a rpg to remember. it so diverse and the character has their own back story to it. I can tell this is one of the rpg games worth playing because of the feel of it its like your watching a story comic come to life, this is where there uniqueness come in play. The game play is like a clock board game into where when times runs out, you will be switching to defensive tactic to were you just hit one button to guard the character or counter attack the enemy. Its quit easy to use but hard to master especially on your second play through. To this ends I say this is one of the game that is unique as I said, and the feel of reality and facts of life that makes this game has my votes.

Overall:  8.9

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